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Korean don’t have a word “delicious”

Korean don’t have a word “delicious”

we make that word noun + verb

If we want say Delicious, we said,   “Taste exist ” or “Taste is exist here”

taste = 맛[mat],  exist = 있다[itda].

os we said “맛 있다.”


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X-Learning Korean

hyun-a “you pig” – kpop star


MC: which country is bigger? china or jungkook?

%jungkook = china

hyun-a: you pig~

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china = chinese word [中華(center county) ]= speak 중국(joongkook)

america = chinese word[ 米國(rice country)] = speak 미국(mi-kook)

thailand = chines word [泰國(big country)] = speak 태국(tae-kook)